RCA | You make the rules with Google's safety features
Google provides a host of safety features compatible with your RCA Android 2-in-1 or tablet. Features such as Be Internet Awesome, Family Link and Google WiFi SafeSecure help protect your family from malicious and phishing content, as well as provide parents with parental control options.
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Get to know Google's Family Link feature

You make the rules with Google’s safety features

Google is making a huge push to make the internet safer for you and your family. Last year they launched “Be Internet Awesome,” a program aimed at helping kids be more savvy online.

Additionally, Google created Family Link. Family Link, available on most devices installed with Android 6.1 or higher, allows parents to create a Google account for their children with specific restriction on apps and content. Google has provided helpful tips for families regarding Family Link.

Also, if you happen to own Google’s WiFi router you can block specific sites deemed unsafe and pause WiFi connectivity when its time to shut down.

The internet is an amazing resource for kids that provides quick access to just about anything. The great news is that, with the help of Google, you can protect your family from malicious and sensitive content. What’s even better is that all of these services are free to Android and Google users!