7″ Dual Portable DVD Player with Game Pad 
Keep the kids entertained during family outings and road trips with the new RCA Portable DVD player with Game Pad. Need a break from movies? No problem. Use the included game controller and 20 included games to switch up the fun. The Portable DVD Player system comes with mounting straps for a secure fit around your vehicle’s headrests.

RCA DRC69705E30G 7" Dual Portable DVD Player with Game pad



9″ Portable DVD Player
Watch movies while you travel with the black RCA 9″ Portable DVD Player. Unit features a swivel base that allows for easy viewing from multiple angles. The screen is more than 60% larger than a 7″, so you can immerse yourself in your movies. It plays DVDs and CDs, as well as JPEG picture files. This portable DVD Player includes home and car power adapters, and has a built-in rechargeable battery.
Twin 9″ Mobile DVD Player 
The RCA Twin 9” Mobile DVD Player allows your vehicle passengers to watch 2 different DVDs at the same time. It’s perfect when you have two kids riding in the car, and each wants to watch something different. And adults will appreciate the entertainment on long car trips too! Each large 9” color LCD screen opens to reveal a compact DVD player, and each screen quickly and securely attaches to a vehicle headrest with the included mounting accessories. Passengers control their movies with the two included remote controls. And each screen has both a built-in speaker, and a headphone jack.




9-Inch Mobile DVD Player with Additional 9-inch Screen
This RCA 9-Inch Mobile DVD Player with Additional 9-inch screen includes one DVD player and one additional monitor, headrest mounting straps, DC power adapters, and a remote control. The system has built-in speakers and headphone jacks, and it plays DVDs, CDs and JPGs