RCA | The Google Cast app is now Google Home
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Google Home

The Google Cast app is now Google Home

If you have a Chromecast, Chromecast Audio or are thinking about buying one of the Google Home devices this is a must-have app for your RCA Android tablet. The Google Home app has replaced the older Google Cast app and now searches for nearby Chromecasts and Home-enabled devices to sync with. The new Google Home app, released this week, lets you cast content to compatible devices over your network as well as set up multi-room audio groups. If you’ve cut the cord, an avid streamer or purchase movies and TV episodes regularly from Google Play store this is an extremely useful app!


Google Home Welcome

Setting up Google Home

To grab Google Home for your device, head on over to the Google Play store and search for ‘Google Home’ in the search bar. After the app installs go ahead and open the app to configure it.




Location Permissions

Turning on location permissions allows the Google Home app to search and identify Google Home-enabled devices such as your Chromecast. Remember that all of your Home enabled devices must be on the same WiFi.




Google Home Welcome

Look for devices

After turning on Location Permissions, the Google Home app will look for your Home-enabled devices. Only devices connected to the same WiFi will appear.





Google Home watch content


On the screen you will see content from sources such as YouTube and Google Play Movies that are able to be cast to your Home-enabled devices. Simply click on the media you intent to cast and click watch. For more detailed instructions on how to cast, click here.


Once you have the Home app set up you can access the app’s menu by clicking the hamburger Google Play Music menu icon icon in the upper-left corner. Expanded Menu options include casting your device’s screen/audio, managing your devices, account preferences and more instructions on how to cast. Google Home creates a nice and clean ecosystem for all of your Home-enabled devices and we think it is a wonderful tool. Gather your family around the couch tonight and cast something amazing!