RCA Portable Armband Digital AM/FM Radio (RP312)



This universal armband is designed to fit all size arms comfortably, allowing users to securely restrain the radio from bouncing all over the place while jogging. Obviously, this incredible portable armband radio was designed for physical activities like running, jogging, hiking, rock climbing, or even walking. Its lightweight design prevents any uncomfortable feeling other portable audio players create, like an extra weight in your pocket, or forcing you to hold your phone while you run. So there is no excuse not to get out there, get the blood flowing, maybe even break a sweat. There is also no reason you have to miss the big game, or weather updates while you're doing. Precise digital tuning ensures you will get the exact station you want when you want it. Using the supplied earbuds in your hands, you can start enjoying these new benefits immediately. Get your RCA RP312 active sports-style portable arm-band digital AM/FM radio with stereo Earphones today!

Key Features

  • PORTABLE: Clock and AM/FM radio with digital PLL tuning.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: LCD Screen and 16 radio station preset.
  • ON-THE-GO: Adjustable armband to secure in place while you move (Sports, Running, Walking, Workouts at the gym, etc.)
  • HEADPHONE JACK: Allows for peaceful, private-listening if desired.
  • INCLUDES: Pair of stereo earphones.
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty















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