RCA | Here's how you can secure your Android tablet
Follow simple instructions on how to set up a PIN, password or pattern on your Android tablet to help keep it secure from prying eyes!
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Here's how you can secure your Android tablet

Here’s how you can secure your Android tablet

Many of us use our devices to store sensitive information, which makes securing your new tablet from prying eyes a great idea. From the factory, your Android tablet unlocks by swiping up on the screen. Albeit convenient, it does nothing from keeping a stranger from picking up your tablet and quickly accessing everything saved and stored on your tablet. Thankfully, Android has a few easy and convenient ways to secure your tablet.


First, we are going to want to visit your tablet’s settings. You can get to settings within your app drawer, or by swiping down from the upper-right corner and tapping on the gear icon.


Set your tablet's security settings


Then, select “Screen lock” under Device security.


Choose screen lock


From here you can select a pattern, PIN, or password to secure your tablet. After setting one of those you will be asked to confirm your change. Important: Remember whatever pattern, PIN or password you have set. The only way to get back into your tablet should you forget your pattern, PIN or password would be to perform a complete factory reset! This does erase all stored data and information, and would be like getting a brand new tablet. Should this happen to you; however, we do have fantastic instructions on how to complete the factory reset and an amazing support team that can help walk you through the steps.