DTA800B1 – Digital Converter Box

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Product Description

Use the RCA DTA800B1 Digital TV Converter to change your over-the-air digital broadcasts to analog. Just plug in your antenna and then connect it to your television for easy hookup. It offers you the option of either vertical or horizontal positioning for the best fit. The RCA digital TV converter allows you to see all of the TV formats and watch multicast channels that are available where you live. It comes with a universal remote that works the converter box and most TV brands.


  • Converts over-the-air digital (ATSC) TV broadcasts to analog (NTSC) format
  • Easy hookup, just plug in your antenna and then connect to your TV
  • One universal remote control for your converter box and TV (works with most TV brands)
  • Get the best fit with your TV with vertical or horizontal positioning
  • Displays all digital TV formats and multicast channels available in your area
  • AV and coax output for digital to analog TV converter
  • Can also pass through analog over-the-air TV broadcasts, if available in your area